DeepNines Technologies
Secure Web Gateway
Web security is critical for any type and size enterprise, education, healthcare or government organization. Web threats, content and applications are becoming more sophisticated every day, which makes the tasks of protecting, controlling and managing Web traffic more demanding than ever. Complicating the matter is the fact that users have evolved from a basic understanding of the Web to a highly developed relationship where they rapidly consume online applications and bandwidth. This presents networking and security professionals with a real dilemma - balancing security, usability and costs.

The solution to these Web security challenges is the DeepNines Secure Web Gateway that enables organizations to easily protect, control and manage Web applications and traffic with complete in-line visibility across all ports, protocols and user identities. Secure Web Gateway provides real-time network defense by immediately taking action on all network traffic at the perimeter, regardless of port or protocol. With the rapid influx of Web 2.0 applications, enterprise 2.0 usages and the continuously changing threat landscape, Secure Web Gateway ensures you remain in control of your network by managing content and eliminating threats.

For Web security, Secure Web Gateway empowers organizations to gain control of their network, with complete in-line visibility across all ports, protocols and user identities. Secure Web Gateway protects Web-surfing from infection while enforcing acceptable use policies.

  • Real-time, identity-based protection
  • Complete control over applications, bandwidth and content
  • Protects confidential information through data loss prevention and malware protection
  • Easy policy creation and enforcement
  • Integrates essential security elements into a single solution including application firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, and content filtering
  • Inspects and takes action on all inbound and outbound traffic
  • Performs with near-zero latency at gigabit speeds
  • Easy to manage and control
  • Offers protection from Web threats, zero-day threats and network attacks such as DoS
  • Complete scalability for organizations of all sizes
  • Reduces gaps in security while improving productivity
  • Provides security for less money than other solutions
  • Increases network efficiency and user productivity
  • Protect, Control and Manage. From a single interface, DeepNines Network Security Manager helps you understand your network, and create policies that will protect against threats, attacks and malware. It also provides control for users, content and applications and management of the entire solution through complete network visibility, reporting and analysis.
  • Reporting for Any Scenario. DeepNines Network Security Manager provides detailed reporting on any and all network activity. By capturing raw information on data across all ports, protocols and users, Network Security Manger is able to provide useful reports that help you analyze and understand patterns in your security risks, bandwidth usage and user activities.
  • Historical and Real-Time Auditing. Due to Network Security Manager being centrally managed from a dedicated appliance, the product is designed to warehouse all data and pull, in real-time, current data for dashboard views, reports and much more.
DeepNines Secure Web Gateway integrates intrusion prevention, firewall, proxy blocking, bandwidth management, content inspection and application control into a single platform with all of these elements working together seamlessly to provide complete network protection and control. Secure Web Gateway features a modular design with additional options for content filtering and malware to create a fully customizable solution that meets your needs. Secure Web Gateway inspects all traffic entering and exiting the network, across all ports and protocols, while performing at gigabit speeds.
  • Protect against Web 2.0 threats with the seamless integration of intrusion prevention, deep packet inspection, Web proxy blocking, anti-malware, zero-day attack detection and data loss prevention.
  • Control users, content and applications, with insight into what content and applications users are accessing and how they interact with Web applications, as well as complete bandwidth management, application control and network availability.
  • Manage the system centrally with complete network visibility and reporting on threats, users and usage to ensure the network is secure, efficient and capable of scaling with features including total network visibility, centralized management, and reporting, central policy creation, user identification, delegated administration, and high availability