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Network Security Manager
Security information management is essential for managing and monitoring network and Web traffic, reporting and historical auditing. With the Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 environment of today combined with an increasing number of threats, applications and content entering and leaving the network, the challenge for administrators is to have a dedicated security information management system centralized with historical and real-time reporting in addition to complete network visibility.

Administrators need a centralized management product that provides security information management in a comprehensive picture of all network activity that can be used to create and administer security, access and control policies. DeepNines Network Security Manager provides network visibility, management and reporting with real-time and historical monitoring. Network Security Manager provides comprehensive bandwidth management, network traffic visibility and profiling, threat management and policy administration in a centrally managed appliance to improve performance management efficiency while lowering operating costs. With Network Security Manager, organizations can quickly access and warehouse all data for security trends, audits and compliance reports regardless of port or protocol.

DeepNines Network Security Manager provides complete visibility to all network traffic while being an ideal counterpart to the DeepNines Secure Web Gateway for security information management. Network Security Manager also enables customers of iTrust Agent to manage, report and audit endpoint security software users.

  • Complete network visibility across all ports, protocols and users
  • Centralized management and policy creation
  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting on threats, users and usage
  • Both real-time and historical analysis
  • Compliancy reporting for HIPAA, CIPA, GLBA, PCI and more
  • Bandwidth management
  • Detailed information by user and/or group
  • Delegated administration
  • Provides insight into network activity, user activity and security risks
  • Offers easy-to-use Web interface with all data stored on a dedicated appliance
  • Ensures the network is efficient and capable of scaling
  • Provides customizable reports for different management levels, audits and policies
  • Allows for the creation and enforcement of acceptable use policies globally, by user group or by individual
  • Protect, Control and Manage. From a single interface, DeepNines Network Security Manager helps you understand your network and create policies that will protect against threats, attacks and malware. It also provides control for users, content and applications and management of the entire solution with complete network visibility, reporting and analysis.
  • Reporting for Any Scenario. DeepNines Network Security Manager provides detailed reporting on any and all network activity. By capturing raw information on data across all ports, protocols and users, Network Security Manger is able to provide useful reports that help you analyze and understand patterns in your security risks, bandwidth usage and user activities.
  • Historical and Real-Time Auditing. Due to Network Security Manager being centrally managed from a dedicated appliance, the product is designed to warehouse all data and pull, in real-time, current data for dashboard views, reports and much more.
DeepNines Network Security Manager is a dedicated appliance that provides management and reporting for the entire DeepNines suite of products through a single, easy-to-use interface. By providing complete visibility into network activity across all ports, protocols and users, Network Security Manager empowers you to understand your network and make informed decisions on how to create and apply policies.
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