DeepNines Technologies
Network Application Monitor
Network visibility is a key component of Web security. The ability to see and understand all network activity, applications, content and users is critical in order to create security and acceptable use policies. With a comprehensive picture of all network activity, administrators can make informed decisions on how to manage the network for optimal security, protection and control. DeepNines Network Application Monitor provides real-time, advanced network visibility with historical reporting across all ports and protocols. As an intelligent application monitor, it identifies all activities and applications for the Web to provide complete network visibility and awareness for analyzing the health of the network. Network Application Monitor interoperates seamlessly with the Network Security Manager for quick access to all warehoused data for security trends, audits and compliance reports.

  • Complete network visibility across all ports, protocols and users
  • Identify which devices are communicating and determine which direction the traffic is flowing (e.g., what information users are uploading or downloading)
  • Capture all traffic, applications and packets on network interface
  • Trend network traffic types and users with the historical reporting tool
  • View detailed metrics on network bandwidth consumption
  • Track network traffic for any anomalous behavior or communication
  • Monitor session time and track individual IP addresses or ports for conversations
  • Export reports on historical conversation or network data
  • Provides insight into network activity, user activity and security risks
  • Provides an easy to use web-based interface
  • Provides an in-depth real time view of network traffic
  • Provides fast data correlation and access
  • View information in 60-minute, six-hour, two-day, two-week or 52-week summary or consolidate information into larger time windows for more detailed correlation analysis
  • Provides easy to install, intuitive configuration and management
  • Provides a fully customizable product