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Network Admission Control
NAC has evolved in recent years from Network Access Control to Network Admission Control. Network access control has gone the way of the dodo bird because of its heavy costs in overhead, deployment and support combined with its lack of true security effectiveness. Network Admission Control, true and current NAC, eliminates those costs burdens while providing real security. In today's office environment, many types of devices connect in the network for internet access, including user and non-user devices such as printers, imaging machines and VoIP phones. In order to apply security and your acceptable use policies, the first action you need for a solution is to identity all devices that connect to your network. The next step is to determine which of those devices are authorized to be on your network. Offices commonly have devices being introduced into the network that belong to guests, contractors, auditors or even uninvited visitors. This second component is especially true in education, health care, government and enterprise offices where people enter and leave the premises regularly. The third and final step is to enforce security policies based on steps one and two that enable access, quarantine unknown devices, or apply other security decisions such as blocking.

DeepNines Network Admission Control empowers security-conscious organizations to inspect and detect all networked devices to ensure they meet security policies without introducing the complexity, cost and management of an installed client, allowing comprehensive protection and control of user, non-user and guest devices. DeepNines NAC is a network-based product that eliminates all costs and complexities in managing client software. NAC also provides the admission to the network and control once entered in order to provide complete Web security for your network.

  • Device agnostic - identifies all networked devices attempting access
  • Real-time
  • Easy to manage and control
  • Provides protection from Web threats, zero-hour threats and network attacks such as DoS
  • Scalability for organizations of all sizes
  • Reduces gaps in security of guests, contractors, auditors or thieves
  • Increases network efficiency
  • Protect against Web 2.0 threats with the seamless integration of intrusion prevention, deep-packet inspection, Web proxy blocking, anti-malware, zero-hour attack detection and data loss prevention.
  • Control users, content and applications, with insight into what content and applications users are accessing and how they interact with Web applications, as well as complete bandwidth management, application control and network availability.
  • Manage the system centrally with complete network visibility and reporting on threats, users and usage to ensure the network is secure, efficient and capable of scaling with features including total network visibility, centralized management, and reporting, central policy creation, user identification, delegated administration, and high availability
DeepNines Secure Web Gateway integrates intrusion prevention, firewall, proxy blocking, bandwidth management, content inspection and application control into a single platform with all of these elements working together seamlessly to provide complete network protection and control. Secure Web Gateway features a modular design with additional options for content filtering and malware to create fully customizable solution that meets your needs. Secure Web Gateway inspects all traffic entering and exiting the network, across all ports and protocols while performing at gigabit speeds.
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