DeepNines Technologies
iTrust Remote Agent
Endpoint security software is required in today's highly detached and mobile workforce that takes work home, travels or is a remote employee. While there are many advantages to the flexibility associated with a mobile workforce, there are also serious risks. When users connect thru a third-party network, hotspot or home ISP to access email, the Web and network resources, they are not subject to the same security and filtering policies as they are on your network. This unrestricted access to the network creates huge security and control risks that require an extension of the security, filtering and policies via an endpoint security software agent to protect the user and your network. The traditional problem with endpoint security software agents is they are managed by the user which making it easy to disable, tamper with administrative configurations, difficult to deploy and are costly.

DeepNines iTrust Agent protects your organization's resources from any location, resolving the inherent vulnerability with remote users in a way that can't be circumvented and is not cost prohibitive. iTrust Agent ensures that all remote users' traffic is subject to the same policies as when they are physically located on the network, including content and URL filtering, antivirus and anti-malware and application control. The complete protection, control and management provided by DeepNines Secure Web Gateway is extended to remote users with DeepNines iTrust Agent. As an endpoint security software agent, iTrust Agent is completely transparent to the end-user and requires no management, configuration or administrative actions, therefore eliminating costs and risks of user error and disablement and reducing costs.

  • Monitors and controls all activity for remote users
  • Lightweight agent uses minimal laptop resources
  • Secure tunnel technology provides better security and control
  • Transparent and tamper-proof
  • Full inspection of all traffic entering and exiting the laptop
  • Complete reporting capabilities
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Vista, and Mac OS X
  • Enforces acceptable use and filtering policies for remote users
  • Reduces laptop maintenance by eliminating unauthorized applications (chat, peer-to-peer, etc) that can download viruses, spyware and other malicious content
  • Protects costly investment in endpoint security software
  • Prevents confidential company information from being shared
  • Provides complete visibility into user activity regardless of location
  • Reduce Maintenance. The iTrust Agent reduces laptop maintenance by protecting the laptop from security vulnerabilities and attacks with a combination of firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-malware and anti-virus technologies. When users access unauthorized websites and applications, they often unknowingly download viruses, spyware and other malicious content to laptops. iTrust Agent ensures that users access only authorized content, and that the authorized content is inspected to ensure it is safe and secure.
  • Protect Information and Resources. iTrust Agent prevents users from accessing unauthorized applications such as chat, peer-to-peer programs and online games. This eliminates the risk of users inadvertently sharing confidential information through these applications. iTrust Agent also enforces bandwidth usage policies so that remote users cannot consume network resources with bandwidth-intensive content and applications such as streaming media and music downloads.
  • Global Policy Enforcement. With iTrust Agent, the policies you create for a user will be enforced regardless of location. Users will be forced to adhere to the same security, filtering, bandwidth and acceptable use policies with they are accessing the network remotely as they are on the network.
DeepNines iTrust Agent extends enforcement of content filtering and security policies to laptop users with a transparent, secure tunnel between the user and DeepNines Secure Web Gateway that controls online access and prevents circumvention by the end-user. This lightweight agent installs invisibly on all remote laptops and enforces security, filtering and bandwidth management policies regardless of location. With iTrust Agent, the user cannot access the Internet directly - all traffic is forced through the secure tunnel and back to the network, guaranteeing complete security and policy enforcement.
  • Protect against today's Web 2.0 threats with the seamless integration of intrusion prevention, deep packet inspection, Web proxy blocking, anti-malware, zero-day attack detection and data loss prevention.
  • Control users, content and applications, with insight into what content and applications users are accessing and how they interact with Web applications, as well as complete bandwidth management, application control and network availability.
  • Manage the system centrally with complete network visibility and reporting on threats, users and usage to ensure the network is secure, efficient and capable of scaling with features including total network visibility, centralized management, and reporting, central policy creation, user identification, delegated administration and high availability