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The healthcare security and risk assessment sections of HIPAA for compliance are huge challenges today for healthcare providers, who are struggling to use and take advantage of Web 2.0 and its online applications and tools, while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Healthcare security and risk assessment are key elements to HIPAA compliance and general privacy and security. According to the latest CMS (Centers for MEDICARE and MEDICAID Services) report on healthcare security and HIPAA compliance, most HIPAA compliance audits failed, citing the lack of perform risk assessments and currency of policies and procedures as major contributors http://www.cms.hhs.gov/informationsecurity. “(Health care organizations) should develop and formally document a policy requiring the completion of a periodic risk assessment covering all systems and applications which store, process, or transmit ePHI,” said CMS. Beyond HIPAA compliance, and the healthcare security and risk assessment sections, providers and payers have complex problems with the Web and the threats, risks and costs it presents. Threat prevention is always important, but healthcare organizations also have to manage costs more than most industries, making bandwidth management, content filtering and application control critical to keeping costs low and improving security.

DeepNines provides the necessary protection and control for healthcare organizations to fully utilize the Web for electronic medical records, communications and education with cost savings and healthcare security and risk assessment of HIPAA. With in-depth network security and protection, as well as the ability to prevent data leakage of protected health information (PHI), DeepNines Secure Web Gateway ensures that your Web traffic is HIPAA compliant and secure. With granular control of network activity, DeepNines manages your bandwidth, applications and content to ensure your network is optimized for the best patient care and safety. For healthcare security and risk assessment compliance, please contact DeepNines about our Internet Security Assessment service that is affordable and timely.

  • Protects confidential patient information
  • Reduces gaps in security while improving productivity
  • Provides an easy to manage administration with granular reporting options
  • Supports higher quality care and cuts costs by utilizing the power of the Internet
  • Provides protection from Web threats, zero-hour threats and network attacks such as DoS
  • Takes action immediately on all inbound and outbound traffic to ensure total network protection and control over data and records
As healthcare costs continue to increase, IT professionals in the healthcare industry are now being asked to “do more with less.” DeepNines can help you utilize the power of the Internet while cutting costs and protecting data. Coupled with DeepNines ability to manage and control bandwidth and Internet usage, the total cost savings realized by utilizing DeepNines Secure Web Gateway are dramatic. DeepNines will help you allocate network resources to ensure that they are being used in the most efficient way possible.
DeepNines solutions will ensure that all PHI is protected both from accidental data leakage as well as any outside attacks or threats. DeepNines performs deep packet inspection (DPI) on every packet that enters and exits the network. This process involves looking deep into each packet, examining the entire packet and not just the packet header for malformed packets that can indicate anomalies, threats and malicious activity. DPI technology is also used to recognize and block any confidential information from exiting the network including credit card numbers, social security numbers and patient identification numbers.
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