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Financial Services Solutions

Financial Services organizations are faced with the difficult task of finding a solution that can provide Web security to protect confidential data and filter online access for employees, all for a low cost. With IT budgets getting smaller and smaller, it is necessary for state and local government organizations to find a solution that provides all-in-one security and control for today's Web 2.0 world at a reasonable cost. Adding to the cost versus security issue is performance. If your environment is like most government organizations, the network must always be up and running, and any security solution must be architected to manage large volumes of data and users.

DeepNines government-focused solutions ensure that security and acceptable use policies are proactively enforced with performance in mind to eliminate threats and provide complete control over the network and users. By inspecting all inbound and outbound network traffic in real-time, DeepNines Secure Web Gateway is able to take immediate action on any threats, malware, information leakage or other activity that could be harmful to the organization. Secure Web Gateway provides the complete Web security package, including intrusion prevention, content control, data leakage prevention, anti-virus and malware, all for a reasonable price.

  • Prevents confidential information from leaving the network
  • Integrates essential security functions into a single appliance
  • Proactively enforces security and acceptable use policies
  • Decreases costs associated with excessive bandwidth consumption
  • and latency
  • Easy to use and manage
DeepNines suite of security solutions ensure that all of your organization's confidential data is protected both from accidental leakage as well as any outside attacks or threats. As part of DeepNines Secure Web Gateway solution, Content Inspector can recognize and prevent any attempts to transmit confidential data such as social security numbers. DeepNines performs deep packet inspection (DPI) on every packet that enters and exits the network. This process involves looking deep into each packet, examining the entire packet and not just the packet header for malformed packets that can indicate anomalies, threats and malicious activity. DPI technology is also used recognize and block any confidential information from exiting the network.
With DeepNines Secure Web Gateway, you get all of the necessary gateway security protection including intrusion prevention, firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, bandwidth management and more in a single, affordable solution. Secure Web Gateway consolidates essential security functions into an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solution, eliminating the need for multiple, disparate security solutions which can be both costly and difficult to manage.
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