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Data security is a huge issue in the age of Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 content, applications and threats. With businesses now leveraging a variety of online applications, content and technologies for better efficiency and productivity, a data security solution that provides complete security and control is necessary. Today, most software applications are either partially or entirely accessed through the Internet, and enterprises must ensure that these mission-critical applications are always accessible because any downtime means major losses in productivity. Compliance presents a challenge to the Enterprise 2.0 environment with the meaning being expanded to today's compliance with internal policies, such as HR or legal, Federal regulations of GLBA, PCI and others, and confidentiality assets of intellectual property, company secrets and so forth. Compounding the issues is the expectations of employees to have free rein of the Internet, which presents both dangers of threats and higher costs of bandwidth being utilized for recreation and not business.

DeepNines provides complete protection, control and management for data security at gigabit speeds. With a variety of solutions and models to meet your needs, DeepNines will help you implement and enforce Web security for application control, content filtering and usage policies. DeepNines Secure Web Gateway allows you to protect, control and manage your network for complete data security and control.

  • Protects against Web 2.0 threats and malware
  • Controls users, content and applications
  • Manages your network with complete visibility and reporting
  • Decreases costs associated with excessive bandwidth consumption and latency
  • Real-time, identity-based protection
  • Protects confidential information through data loss prevention and malware protection
  • Easy policy creation and enforcement
  • Performs with near-zero latency at gigabit speeds
DeepNines solutions for enterprise ensure that your network is being used as safe and effectively as possible. By identifying and controlling all online applications, DeepNines Secure Web Gateway optimizes your network for increased productivity and efficiency. Mission critical applications that have been identified and prioritized will always be accessible, while recreational, bandwidth-intensive applications are either limited or blocked.
DeepNines suite of products is fully customizable to meet your specific business needs. The modular design of DeepNines Secure Web Gateway allows you to use only the features that are important to you. You can further customize the solution to protect, control and manage specific users and groups, as well as content and applications that may be specific to your business.

AppControl on DeepNines Secure Web Gateway can identify and provide control over any online application being used by your company. With complete application identification and control, you can ensure that the applications that are important to your business will always be available to your users.
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