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Education - CIPA Compliance
CIPA compliance and its requirement to control online content accessed by students can be a huge struggle with today's environment of Web 2.0 content and applications. Online content and applications have evolved dramatically in recent years, and traditional URL filtering technologies have not been able to keep up. The rampant use of Web proxies, peer-to-peer applications, online gaming and other unwanted content is putting students at risk and consuming critical network bandwidth, while preventing access to legitimate educational resources and valid online content. Traditional URL filtering only inspects port 80 (i.e. Web) traffic, allowing students to easily circumvent the filter and access what should be restricted online content and applications using the 200+ ports and the variety of protocols that aren't inspected.

DeepNines provides true CIPA compliance by ensuring that Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) are enforced and preventing students from accessing any unacceptable content and applications. DeepNines performs a comprehensive inspection on all network traffic over every single port and protocol, using patented technology to take action on that traffic and enforce policy for all online content and applications. DeepNines Secure Web Gateway takes a proactive approach to Web security and content filtering to ensure that students remain safe while optimizing the online learning experiences. As part of our continued effort to improve the security and usability for educators and students alike, DeepNines Hallpass provides the capability to enforce AUPs while enabling time-based, authorized access.

  • Eliminate students' ability to circumvent traditional URL filters and firewalls with Web proxies and other techniques
  • Control access to any type of online content or application including social networking, peer-to-peer, instant messaging and online gaming
  • Enhance the use of education-related applications and content including online testing, streaming video, podcasts and audiobooks
  • Provides true policy and CIPA compliance by ensuring that students cannot access any unacceptable or illegal content during school hours, and that district acceptable use policies (AUPs) are enforced
  • Inspects every packet, port and protocol to ensure total content and access control
  • Provides insight into network activity through complete, real-time visibility including who is on the network and what is being accessed
  • Provides granular control over what students, teachers and administrators can and cannot access online
The intent of traditional password override features in content/URL filters is to allow access to specific websites that have educational value but are restricted by category in the URL filtering database. However, password overrides are a huge security risk since they can easily fall into the hands of students and other unauthorized users who can then access the entire Web unrestricted with the simple use of a password.

DeepNines created a tool called Hallpass as a secure alternative to traditional password override. It allows teachers and administrators to create and record sessions with a user-friendly interface that allows them a process to share with their students for a limited amount of time. Hallpass reduces the stress on system sites to a whitelist to be done by teachers. In addition, full reporting is available for each Hallpass so that system administrators can keep track of the Hallpass users and the URLs that are visited. Combined with the DeepNines Content Filter, Hallpass provides a powerful and flexible tool for paired security and usability.
E-Rate is a government program that enables schools and districts to obtain technological necessities for their school. DeepNines can help your school take its technology plan to reality.
One-to-one learning initiatives mandate one computer to each student, deeply integrating technology into the educational experience. While these initiatives have great value in educating students in today's digital world, constant access to the Internet often becomes an outlet for social networking, file sharing, gaming, music downloads and other personal tools. One-to-one learning environments face the same challenges as a typical school district, when it comes to controlling content and access, however those challenges are magnified by constant access to the Internet.

DeepNines Secure Web Gateway provides complete protection, control and management of all online content and applications. It provides control over all online activity including complex, interactive content to ensure that unwanted and potentially harmful content is blocked, while educational content and applications in which the district has invested receive bandwidth priority.

DeepNines iTrust Agent can be installed on all district laptops to ensure that acceptable use policies are followed even when students take laptops home. This lightweight, invisible agent is tamper-proof and secure. iTrust Agent also reduces laptop maintenance by protecting the laptop from security vulnerabilities, attacks and malware that is often unknowingly downloaded when students access unauthorized content and applications such as Web proxies, peer-to-peer programs and online games.
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