DeepNines Technologies
Content Inspector
Data leakage is the loss of information that is sensitive or confidential.  Every organization has content containing intellectual property, customer data, confidential assets, or regulated data such as personal identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI).  Data leakage is a growing concern for many organizations because of liability, damages to the brand, and non-compliance with regulations like PCI, CIPA, HIPAA, GLBA and many more.  Data leakage results in real losses to organizations, their partners, and their shareholders due to these risks. A data loss prevention engine is important for ensuring any confidential or sensitive data does not get leaked out from the network.  Making this difficult is the Web 2.0 world and the ability to perform deep content inspection across all ports and protocols that the Web, and its applications, can travel. 

For education, healthcare, government and enterprise industries, data leakage is a risk that is too costly to ignore, but a balance between security, cost and performance is important to any data leakage solution.  DeepNines Content Inspector provides organizations the power of data loss prevention while enhancing business functions, tools and collaboration on the Web.  With customizable and managed dictionary rules, Content Inspector identifies and protects against data leakage regardless of application, port or protocol.  By utilizing DeepNines patented deep packet inspection technology, Content Inspector provides real-time Web scanning of all content with near-zero latency.  By preventing data leaks on the Web, Content Inspector ensures sensitive information, confidential assets, and inappropriate content remains private to eliminate violations with compliancy regulations, security practices and privacy policies.

  • Custom dictionary and prepackaged dictionary support
  • Ability to detect words, numbers or signatures at gigabit speeds
  • Policy setting for blocking, allowing or routing of violations
  • Protects confidential information
The DeepNines product that utilizes Content Inspector is the Secure Web Gateway. The technology's protection and findings are logged for reporting by the Network Security Manager.
  • Deep Packet Inspection Content Inspector performs deep packet inspection (DPI) on every packet that enters and exits the network.  This process involves looking deep into each packet, examining the entire packet for identification and blocking of any confidential information from exiting the network, including credit card numbers and social security numbers.
  • In-line DeepNines Secure Web Gateway solution sits invisibly in-inline so that Content Inspector can take immediate action on all traffic entering and exiting the network.  By contrast, out-of-line (aka "tap" mode) solutions depend on routers, switches or firewalls to forward traffic to them which severely limits the type of control they can provide.