DeepNines Technologies
Content Filtering
Web filtering of inappropriate, unwanted or malicious websites is a common Web security practice.  However, traditional web filtering, or URL filtering, solutions are stretching beyond their limits, attempting to deal with today's increasingly complex Web environment with often outdated technology.  The explosion in highly dynamic sites, user-initiated content, and growing Web threats like drive-by downloads make it nearly impossible for these client-centric solutions to meaningfully filter URLs any longer. With this dynamic nature of the Web 2.0 world is the fact that there are more than 1 trillion websites today, making categorizing the Web for URL filtering purposes a challenge.

DeepNines Content Filter provides granular policy enforcement and reporting for all websites.  Content Filter enables organizations to allow or block access to websites for individuals, user groups, or globally.  Content Filter permits the selection, exception and white/black listing of URLs based on your acceptable usage policies for complete category customization.  With Content Filter, automation through URL filtering is a fast and effective security method to protect the network while enabling the Web. 

Web filtering is required to prevent threats and risks of the Web, but it must be designed for performance and scalability.  Content Filter leverages a unique Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) data cloud infrastructure to overcome the limitations of previous generations' solutions and provide highly relevant Web coverage with uncompromising accuracy and zero-hour security that is seamlessly integrated and managed within the DeepNines Secure Web Gateway appliance.

  • Enforces acceptable use policies
  • 64 standard categories with options for customization  
  • Leverages unique cloud infrastructure for increased accuracy
  • Language- and content-agnostic
  • Vast coverage of international sites
  • Database contains hundreds of millions of the most relevant URLs
  • Auto-adjusting cache
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and other protocols
DeepNines products that utilize Content Filter are the Secure Web Gateway and iTrust Agent via the Secure Web Gateway. The technology's protection and findings are logged for reporting by the Network Security Manager.
  • Fast URL:  DeepNines Fast URL capability within Content Filter leverages uniquely fine-tuned content filtering techniques with cloud infrastructure to provide unprecedented breadth of Web coverage. The solution localizes responses specifically to the needs of customers, avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional solutions. 
  • Customizable URL Filtering:  With a variety of options and controls, Content Filter can be customized to secure and control your specific network environment.  This unique technology enables real-time protection from emerging Web threats including malware, phishing and bots for added security.  It also prevents browsing to questionable content like pornography and hate sites for both HR compliance for organizations and CIPA compliance for schools.
  • Innovative SaaS Technology.: The vast size of the Internet coupled with the unique browsing habits of individuals created the need to move the traditional URL database into the cloud to overcome local storage limitations, degradation of performance, and poor updating of website content information.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy and Coverage: Content Filter intelligently determines when and how deeply to scan each site, providing automated intelligence for unequaled performance.  It also integrates customer-oriented classifications that are triggered by every new site that is browsed.
  • Zero-Hour Security:  Because Content Filter identifies outbreaks on their way to users, threats are detected and stopped before ever reaching the end user.  Content Filter's predictive threat detection recognizes harmful sites and immediately blocks them at the gateway.