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Application Control
Web applications have arrived as the primarily tool of Web 2.0, and is a fundamental concern for Web security professionals. The Web is now the primary place for business and recreational activities with organizational tools like accounting, school testing and CRM applications being critical to operating the business, but recreational applications like iTunes, Skype and others draining bandwidth and productivity while opening security gaps. Complicating matters is that certain recreational Web applications are now being used as business tools, which is blurring the lines of what should be blocked and now opening up decisions on what should be limited versus a simple block-or-allow decision. This puts huge burdens on organizations to now identify and manage this extensive amount of content generated from Web applications.

DeepNines AppControl identifies and classifies all Web applications for granular control of Web-based tools and applications. AppControl is a critical component of DeepNines Secure Web Gateway, working with IPS Firewall and Bandwidth Manager to identify and control all Web applications regardless of port or protocol. Web application control of AppControl enable policies to determine what to allow, block, limit or prioritize for access to any Web application by user and/or group to ensure that critical applications are always accessible while unwanted, high-risk, or bandwidth-intensive applications are blocked. With AppControl, organizations can protect users and networks by allowing, blocking or limiting access to specific Web 2.0 applications, including peer-to-peer programs such as Skype, without having to block all streaming media. Web application control is vital to improving security and productivity.

  • Controls Web 2.0 content and applications
  • Indentifies and classifies all Web applications
  • Provides granular control for specific applications regardless of port or protocol
  • Ensures network bandwidth is prioritized for critical applications
  • Manages system updates to ensure that they do not overpower bandwidth
  • Ensures that bandwidth-intensive applications such as P2P apps, Skype and YouTube do not exceed pre-defined limits
DeepNines products that utilize AppControl are the Secure Web Gateway and iTrust Agent via the Secure Web Gateway. The technology's protection and findings are logged for reporting by the Network Security Manager.
  • Granular Application Control. AppControl identifies, classifies and provides granular control of all online applications by utilizing a combination of different technologies and algorithms. This allows you to either limit or block specific applications (i.e. YouTube) without having to block the entire type of traffic (i.e. streaming video). With AppControl, policies can be set to block, limit or prioritize access to any online application.
  • Intelligent Application Identification. Applications using any port or protocol can be detected and identified by AppControl, ensuring that even obscure applications that may be specific to your organization can be identified and managed. This intelligent application identification process ensures that AppControl recognizes all applications and not just the more common ones.
  • Manages Network Resources. By identifying and controlling all online applications, you can ensure that your network is optimized for increased productivity and efficiency. Mission-critical applications that have been identified and prioritized will always be accessible, while recreational, bandwidth-intensive applications are either limited or blocked.