DeepNines Technologies
DeepNines has tailored its suite of products to address industry-specific needs. For education, DeepNines provides a solution that and takes a proactive approach to Web security and content filtering to ensure that Web proxies are eliminated and acceptable use policies are enforced, while optimizing the online learning experience to achieve complete CIPA compliance. DeepNines government-focused solutions ensure that security and acceptable use policies are proactively enforced to eliminate threats and provide complete control over the network and users for a reasonable price, and to comply with state and Federal regulations. In the health care industry, DeepNines provides the necessary protection and control for healthcare organizations to fully utilize the Web for electronic medical records, communications and education with cost savings and health care security and risk assessment of HIPAA. Finally, DeepNines enterprise solutions provide complete protection, control and management for data security at gigabit speeds for security, productivity and compliance with GLBA, PCI and a multitude of other state and Federal regulations and regulators.

DeepNines Industry Solutions